Our Approach

Specializing in commercial, residential, site work, and utilities, Lodestar Construction has proven over the years to be an industry leader. Our innovation coupled with our strong desire to provide for the people of Africa has led to breakthrough concepts for providing affordable housing and clean water.

Using technologically advanced products, equipment, and training allows us to maximize efficiency and minimize the cost of construction.  This allows us to deliver a product superior in quality while setting an unprecedented standard in lowering project cost.

Our Story

Lodestar Construction is fully committed to utilizing our broad range of knowledge, technology, and experience for the betterment of communities around the world.  It is our desire to provide for all the basic necessities enjoyed by developed countries around the globe.

Meet the Team

The principals in Lodestar Construction combine for over 40 years of professional and general contracting experience.  The company is currently heavily involved in projects throughout the Southeastern United States as well as the continent of Africa.

Dusty Garus

Dusty L Garus

President & CEO

Dusty is a licensed U.S. Contractor specializing in the fields of Building Construction, Grading and Asphalt Paving, Concrete, Water Distribution, Sewer and Storm water management.  Additionally, he has an extensive background in multiple engineering disciplines.

Following nine years in the nuclear field, a dramatic shift was made into civil construction.  Since that time, a compilation of projects ranging from small and large scale public infrastructure to industrial development have been successfully completed under his direct control.  He brings with him a broad knowledge of the most modern technologies and techniques in order to maintain the competitive edge that Lodestar enjoys in markets around the world.   He is a true entrepreneur who strongly believes that success is a product of teamwork, determination, and ultimately effort.


Augustine “Gus” Olalere

Executive Vice President

Gus is a Certified Financial Planner and Investment Advisor who has specialized in employee benefit products and services, pensions, insurance and investments.

Working throughout the United States and abroad, his expertise has positively impacted unions, state agencies, large corporations and small businesses in the realm of financial planning and asset protection.  As the head of the financial arm, he is instrumental in providing for the financing and accounting needs to support daily operations.

Additionally, Gus has proven invaluable in his ability to identify, seek out, and evaluate new opportunities in the global market.


Dr Temisan Etikerentse

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Etilerentse is a licensed U.S. Contractor Specializing in Commercial Building Construction.  Additionally he is a Board Certified Internist and founder of the Hope Clinic, the largest minority-owned private medical practice in the Charleston Tri-County Region of South Carolina.

He has served on the Board of Directors of Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce as well as the Berkeley County Mental Health Board.  As chairman he uses his proven managerial skills to assist in evaluating each opportunity in order to best focus the day to day efforts of the company.

Additionally he is playing a pivotal role in expanding our interests into the Western African countries of Nigeria and Angola.

Charlie Price

Executive Vice President / Chief Operations Officer

Charlie is a licensed U.S. Contractor specializing in Commercial and Residential Building Construction.  Through the years, working his way through all phases of the construction industry, he has held positions from Project Engineer through Project Manager as well as Quality Control Supervisor.  For that he is revered today as one of the more seasoned experts in his field.  He has a long developed reputation for outstanding performance on challenging projects further proving that there is no substitution for experience in the construction industry.  Due to his expertise, Charlie has been tapped to head business development in the Kenya market, further expanding the Lodestar name in Eastern Africa.